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How to get Rekt by using Binance as your exchange

How is Binance As Exchange And How To Get Rekt!

Here is the full story…

Before coming to crypto I searched for many exchanges and Binance was the one which I unfortunately settled to.

Everything was fine when I found the suspicious behaviour of their servers even if you are trading on spot exchanges. During recent crash most of my tokens which I tried to sell/ use stop loss to never triggered and the value went down to zero in minutes.

I was having some of these leveraged tokens and thought I was buying a dip when market was crashing on 20th May. To my surprise these tokens which have 4x returns (as mentioned by these scammers) were following 17–25x negative during their server breakdown.

Play 1:

Lets make these people buy token (while we can stop all functions of server as we are the boss) and sell these dumb asses at higher prices. We already have billions in our pockets!

Play 2:

People will cry for few months, go to Reddit/social media and cry for help but who cares! We can play easy with their hard earned money to buy law against them. Lets add a compensation sympathy form so that we will keep running our business undisturbed for more crypto slaughtering.

Play 3:

There are lot of queries on the form, lets keep them busy according to our rules of 7–30 days compensation. Our customer care guys are well trained on how to disable this page for them when they try to fill it.

Great Job after I contacted them 24 hours ago!

Play 4:

Lets block their account access completely so that the amount they withheld is ours now.

To summarise I am now very close to end of play 3 and play 4 is surely on the cards.

Its better to get out of this exchange and get your own hardware wallets or find a better place to trade.

Respect hard earned money as you will know its value only after you are completely duped by the likes of these exchanges.

Share this story as much as you can and add your experiences in the comments!

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